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Why Join NEAAPA?

Become a Member of the Northeast's Premier Attractions and Entertainment Association Today. Being a member of NEAAPA gives you access to advocacy efforts, information and ideas, and networking opportunities to help your business grow and thrive.


Northeast States and Capitals

Local, State, and Federal Legislation Monitoring

NEAAPA is actively monitoring bills presented across the Northeast State Legislatures that could impact the industry, including Wage and Hour, School Calendar, Industry Regulations, and more.

When necessary, NEAAPA will mobilize efforts to educate elected representatives and policymakers on the industry.

NEAAPA also works with industry partners in Washington, D.C. on issues such as seasonal work visas, unmanned aircraft systems (drones), CPSC oversight of the industry, and more.



Educational Opportunities


NEAAPA provides education sessions lead by industry experts in the Northeast each year, covering topics like first-time supervisor, marketing and advertising trends, innovative training techniques, crisis communications, operations, and more!

NEW! EANE Partnership

NEAAPA has partnered with the Employers Association of the NorthEast to give our members access to training online training and services, as well as the ability to connect with certified HR professionals who can answer questions and offer advice and consultation.

NEW! NEAAPA Academy Online Training

As members of NEAAPA, you have the benefit of taking any of the available courses online as part of your membership. We have videos covering a variety of topics including onboarding, basic safety training, and more.

Industry News

Between the NEAAPA Weekly News email blasts and the Northeast News newsletters available at in-person events, NEAAPA is always getting you the news you need for you and your business.


Events Throughout The Year

NEAAPA holds in-person, virtual, and hybrid events throughout the year where you can meet and learn with industry peers like,

  • Education Conference & Annual Meeting (late winter/early spring)
  • Spring Leadership Seminar for Seasonal and New Supervisors (May)
  • Summer Meeting (late July)
  • Golf Tournament to support the Pinnacle Scholarship Program
  • IAAPA Expo Lunch & Board Meeting
  • Tom Morrow Dinner and IAAPA Social (during the IAAPA Expo)
  • NEAAPA Meet-Up Networking Events (throughout the year)
  • NEAAPA Member Meetings (held online)

Other Benefits Include:

  • Directory & Buyer's Guide
  • Member-to-Member Deals
  • National Buying Program
  • NEAAPA Awards Program honoring members in safety and marketing
  • NEAAPA Fun Pass Program
  • Pinnacle Scholarship Program (open to frontline staff)

Extra Large Entertainment Facility

$549 per year
  • Annual Attendence of 1,000,000 or more

Large Entertainment Facility

$499 per year
  • Annual Attendance of 250,001 to 1,000,000

Medium Entertainment Facility

$399 per year
  • Annual Attendance of 100,001 to 250,000

Small Entertainment Facility

$349 per year
  • Annual Attendance of 100,000 or less

Large Supplier

$399 per year

Small Supplier

$349 per year


$99 per year
  • Reserved for attractions industry enthusiasts, individuals who do not work in the attractions industry.


$50 per year
  • Membership for post-secondary education students

Questions about Membership?

Contact the NEAAPA Office today!