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The NEAAPA committees play a crucial role in supporting the organization by fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth within the amusement park and attractions industry. These committees, comprised of dedicated professionals from various sectors of the field, work tirelessly to address key issues, share best practices, and develop resources to enhance member experiences.

Whether it's advocating for legislative initiatives, organizing educational seminars and conferences, or spearheading safety and compliance standards, NEAAPA committees serve as the backbone of the organization, ensuring its members remain informed, connected, and empowered to thrive in an ever-evolving industry landscape. Through their collective expertise and commitment to excellence, these committees contribute significantly to the vitality and sustainability of NEAAPA, ultimately enriching the experiences of millions of guests who visit amusement parks and attractions across Northeast United States.

Click on the tabs below to learn about the committees, and if you would like to volunteer, please reach out.

Awards Committee

This committee selects winners of a variety of service awards given out each year during the Annual Meeting, and oversees the selection process and criteria for the Pinnacle Scholarship Program.

Committee Members

Education Committee
Finance Committee
Hall of Fame Committee
Legislative & Advocacy Committee
Membership Recruitment Committee
Membership Value & Retention Committee
Nominating Committee
Safety Committee
Security Committee