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Proudly Supporting the Business of Fun in the Northeast since 1913

NEAAPA's mission is to serve our membership by promoting safe operations, regional development, professional growth, and commercial success of the entertainment industry in the region. NEAAPA is dedicated to serving the parks, attractions, and tourism industry for the purpose of improving the quality of the entertainment experience through education in the region by increasing the professionalism within the industry.

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Discounts from companies you already available for your business and your employees.

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Spring Leadership Seminar

Whether you area first-time supervisor or looking to expand your skillset, the NEAAPA Spring Leadership Seminar is an exciting opportunity that will help you to learn and grow as a leader. Being in a leadership role isn’t always easy. Unhappy guests, difficult employees, and even demanding bosses can challenge even the best of us. In this one-day session, we will explore topics such as accountability, coaching, communication, recognition, engagement, and how to “manage up” so you can bring out the best in yourself and your teams not just this summer, but all year long!

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