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Current Legislation in Vermont

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Vermont General Assembly:

HB 28 - An act relating to the basic needs budget and livable wage

Issue: Minimum Wage

This measure defines livable wage for the purpose of the basic needs budget.

This measure provides that a livable wage is the hourly wage, averaged for both urban and rural areas, that is required for a full-time worker to pay for one-half of the basic needs budget for a two four-person household with no two adult wage earners and two children and without employer-assisted health insurance. This measure adds health as an aspect of basic need.

HB 42 - An Act Relating To Including The Amount Expended By An Employer For Health Insurance In The Determination Of The Minimum Wage

Issue: Minimum Wage

This measure includes a calculation for the amount expended by each employer to provide an employee with health insurance. The minimum wage for each employee must be reduced by a prorated amount based on the employer’s annual cost to provide him or her with health insurance coverage up to a maximum reduction equal to the full annual cost of the premium for the lowest cost silver-level plan available through the Vermont Health Benefit Exchange.

SB 6 - An Act Relating to Repealing the Commissioner of Labor’s Authority to Recommend a Subminimum Wage For Individuals With a Disability

Issue: Minimum Wage

This measure prohibits a subminimum wage for individuals with disabilities.

This measure repeals the Labor Commissioner's authority to recommend a subminimum wage for individuals with disabilities.