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Funtown Splashtown USA

Haunted Hotel

Four-passenger ride cars will mystically move guests through 14 scenes – the rooms of the hotel – concluding with a final visit through an otherworldly dimension. Guests of the Haunted Hotel will play a key role in the story. The Hotel’s proprietor needs their help to save it from the witch’s curse, and rescue three hapless hotel patrons. As they board the custom ride vehicle, riders are asked to work alongside the professional ghost hunter with their own “Curse Eradicator”. The latest in Sally’s tradition of creating personal, interactive devices, the Curse Eradicators puts the power of haunt-busting in the hands of guests. As they travel seamlessly though each room, the Eradicators will be used to free the hotel from the witch’s spell.

After weaving through rooms and creepy corridors of the hotel, the attraction’s final scene will challenge the riders to work together to rescue the lost hotel guests from the witch’s diabolical Dimension X.