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Spring Leadership On-Demand

Presented by International Ride Training

2021 is shaping up to be among the most exciting seasons the New England amusement industry has ever seen.  Our guests missed their opportunity to spend time with family and friends in our attractions last year and all signs point to significant demand for excitement, relaxation, and fun in 2021!  You will play a significant role in ensuring that each of our guests this season is welcomed back to a safe, clean, and memorable environment - even if some of the protective measures implemented over the last year still linger.

NEAAPA - The Northeast's Entertainment Association and International Ride Training are proud to offer you the opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in the industry as you prepare for your season.  While the pandemic means that we cannot get together in person this year, it has afforded us the opportunity to provide you with a number of courses taught by some of the best in the business  - far more instructors than could ever participate in person - to ensure that you are well prepared to handle the challenges that await you this season.

Below are the course titles and descriptions:

  • ADA 101 (Instructor Erik H. Beard, ICAE, General Counsel and Managing Member, International Ride Training LLC) (93.6 minutes):  Students will gain insight into the American with Disabilities Act as it applies to ride operations. A brief overview of the law (in layman’s terms), followed by discussion of common misconceptions of the ADA as applied to carnivals and waterparks and two safety-related rules that govern when an operator can and cannot turn away a guest with a disability from a ride or attraction.
  • ADA Advanced (Instructor Erik H. Beard, ICAE, General Counsel and Managing Member, International Ride Training LLC) (66.8 Minutes):  This course builds on concepts learned in ADA 101 and expands them to topics encountered frequently in the operation of attractions:  Guests with Cognitive Disabilities, Service Animals, and Caregivers.  While not strictly required, prior completion of ADA 101 is recommended.
  • Twenty Terrific Tips For Turning Out Tip-Top Text (Instructor Janet Meyers, Vice President of Park Operations, Michigan’s Adventure) (46.1 Minutes): Janet Meyers from Michigan's Adventure will “play the English Teacher” and highlight writing style strategies that are industry specific, as well as identify common missteps made by those who craft professional documents.
  • Making it Matter: Engagement at Your Park (Instructor Patty Beazley, Managing Member, International Ride Training LLC) (45.5 Minutes): Engagement and Guest Service at our parks are critical to the overall success of the property. How does Leadership get their team to engage? It begins with the culture that leaders establish. This class will focus on how leadership establishes the momentum to get a successful final result with employees.
  • Engaging Riders In Special Circumstances: Downtime, Evacuation, and Guest Recovery (Instructor Steve Motzkus, Operations Manager, Carowinds) (21.9 Minutes):  Steve Motzkus, from Carowinds, shares strategies for engagement with riders during downtime and evacuations focusing on the steps for Guest Recovery during these special circumstances.
  • Normalization of Deviance (Instructor Dino Fazio, Director of Operations, Games, and Training, Morey’s Piers) (36.6 Minutes): In this session, you will learn what is meant by the phrase “Normalization of Deviance,” the leading role it can play in disasters, and how to combat this rarely recognized but ever present force in your organization.
  • Mid-Season Meltdown: Ideas & Techniques to Get Your Team Over That Mid-Season Slump (Instructor Karrah Folk, Director of Ride Operations, Cedar Point) (16.1 Minutes):  Just like a penny starts out bright and shiny but over time tarnishes from all the use, sometimes during the heat of the summer, our teams may get into a mid-season slump. Learn about fun ideas that may help cope and prevent this mid- season burn-out.
  • Let's Go Crazy: Leading Through Relationships and Defining Success (Instructor, Jessica Naderman, Director of Operations, Valleyfair) (43.1 minutes): iROC Audit Excellence Award winner, Jessica Naderman from Valleyfair, will present her approach to creating a positive work environment and culture that has a consistent, proven record of excellence. Specific ideas and programs will be shared that have been highly effective with the team at Valleyfair.
  • A Case for Motivation: Motivate Your Team & Your Boss (Instructor, Cindee Huddy, Managing Member, International Ride Training LLC) (34.4 minutes):  This class shares insight on one of the most common questions Operation’s Leadership asks: How do we motivate our team? During the session you will review motivational theories and how they may apply to your operation.
  • Culture Jam! Onboarding & Training Your J1 Team Members (Instructor, Anna Danau, Managing Director, Hospitality Intelligence USA) (86.3 minutes): Our J1 team members, no matter how long their length of service, are crucial to our parks' operations. In this course, learn what you need to know before you onboard J1 team members, and learn the nuances of training J1 team members.
  • Training Tips & Techniques (Instructor, Cindee Huddy, Managing Member, International Ride Training LLC) (22.4 minutes): This session highlights ways to ensure training STICKS with the trainees after the training is complete. Preparing training that includes a sensational start, a theme or tone, intelligent involvement, curiosity, key questions and simple rules makes it impactful and sure to give great results in the field.
  • Our Workforce Today (Instructor, Patty Beazley, Managing Member, International Ride Training LLC) (27.1 Minutes):  Have you ever said, “Back in the good old days things operated more smoothly.” or have you ever said, “So glad we don’t live back in the old days without technology.” Your generation more than likely determined the statement you chose. Students will learn how generations can contribute from one generation to another and contribute to one another to gap the generational divide.

By clicking on the "On Demand Catalog" menu option located at the top of this page, you will have access to the 2021 NEAAPA Spring Leadership Course catalog.  You are welcome to take as many or as few courses as you would like and as your schedule permits.  Before you get started, though, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. On Demand Courses will be available until June 7, 2021.  You are free to take as many courses as you would like during that time.
  2. If you would like to receive confirmation that you have completed each course, you must fill out the course completion form located on the course viewing page. After filling out this form, you will receive an email verifying your course completion. This form will also create an electronic record that may be shared with your facility after the Spring Leadership Seminar closes.
  3. No Continuing Education Units will be awarded for these courses.  You may hear certain instructors reference the availability of CEUs during their courses. Please disregard these references as CEUs are not available for the 2021 NEAAPA Spring Leadership Seminar On Demand.

Thank you again for attending the 2021 Spring Leadership Seminar On-Demand presented by NEAAPA - The Northeast's Entertainment Association and International Ride Training LLC.  We know that you will find the courses interesting and the instructors engaging. If you have any questions or suggestions for enhancing your experience, please do not hesitate to contact Erik Beard at