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COVID-19 Federal Legislation Letter

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COVID-19 Legislation Letter

Due to the severity of the COVID-19 health crisis, the attractions industry is doing its part to protect the health of our workers and the general public by reducing operations and closing down facilities, which has driven the industry into a dire economic situation.

The attractions industry includes fixed amusement parks, traveling shows or carnivals, family entertainment centers, zoos & aquariums, arcades, bowling centers, roller skating centers, adventure parks, and the manufacturers & suppliers serving these businesses. Many of these businesses are family-owned, small businesses. They employ full-time and part-time employees and year-round as well as seasonal employees. These businesses are economic engines for our state.

Much of the attractions industry is very seasonal and relies upon school vacation and summer vacation periods. The restrictions on public gatherings and the stay-at-home orders contemplated or enacted have severe impact on the annual business cycle of the attractions industry. Without the ability to open and to plan for an opening date and with the likely loss of the spring season and potentially part of the summer season, the attractions industry members will lose substantial revenue that cannot be recaptured. Attractions industry members that have closed facilities have substantial ongoing expenses, including employee wages, maintenance of equipment and properties, leasing costs and financing expenses. Given recent COVID-19 guidelines it will be difficult to maintain this for 2 weeks let alone the 8 weeks the CDC mentioned.

Once the crisis is over, amusement parks and attractions need to be ready to once again be the economic engine in [NAME YOUR STATE] and local communities in which they are located. And in order to maintain their viability and continue to employ their workforce they need to be 100% ready to resume full operations for the remaining limited season.

I urge you to support the following programs to protect the health of [NAME YOUR STATE] attractions industry:

  • Support grants to protect the travel and tourism workforce:
    • To keep workers employed, provide direct grants to travel and tourism-dependent businesses.
    • Create a small business loan interruption program which can make funds available immediately to assist businesses so they can weather the government recommended closures.
    • Tax relief to mitigate losses and spur recovery:  Permit affected businesses to temporarily defer tax liability, delay or eliminate quarterly tax payments and filings deadlines, and allow for a carryback of the Net Operating Loss (NOL) Deduction.

The recommendations listed above are necessary to ensure that the attractions industry is healthy and continues to be a major driver for local economies when the crisis is over.

Our business is a part of the New England Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. NEAAPA members employ thousands of year-round employees, tens of thousands of seasonal employees, and entertain millions of families throughout the Northeast.

Thank you for your consideration.